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Rosalind Main is a Contemporary Artist based in Edinburgh & Glasgow. She graduated from Gray’s School of Art in 2016 before completing a Masters in Contemporary Art Practice at Edinburgh College of Art with Merit in 2020 and an MSc in Modern and Contemporary Art: History, Curating and Criticism in 2022. She is an Activist for Body Inclusivity having co-founded the I Am More Than project in 2017 and has been working in the public domain since launch of the campaign and has appeared on national radio and television, publicly speaking and creating Artwork on the subject of body image and consumerism. Her work has explored consumerist cultures, social media, self image and the female form through installation work & photography. Using her camera and collaborating with other creatives in and around Scotland, Rosalind has delved into the ideals of beauty from the digital eye and has questioned what it means to really be in a location in a photograph. Having worked as a fashion model for 11 years, Rosalind is familiar with working in front of the camera and has been using her body in her work to portray her themes. In her latest Covid series ‘Dream Spaces’ Rosalind has examined the body disappearing within a photograph in contrast to other work which very much has the body in the centre. She uses distortion of body shapes  and double images to lose herself in each photograph within this series. Rosalind looks at how being a woman and being looked at can mean that disappearing is a form of expression. Recognisable female shapes versus jagged distortion of the human body in an unconventional way.

About The Artist 

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