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Degree Show & Beginnings : 2016 

My 2016 Honours Degree at University was on the theme of women and their role in society, consumerist culture and the mass produced world we all live in. I specialised in ceramics and glass in my last year at University which had me creating ceramic versions of the typical 'throw away' items we all have in our houses like milk cartons and cans. As consumers we buy, consume and dispose which is what people do with tabloid magazines and the celebrities on the cover. 

I made installation pieces that give a twist to items we all know. the famous Tennents 'Lager Lovelies' I made out of ceramic but with a woman of influence on the can rather than a model. As a fashion model myself I am able to research into this theme further as I have years of experience from this perspective.

Images from my University degree show and New Designers in London where I sold my final year exhibition pieces which was a great achievement for me.

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